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“A memex is a device in which someone is able to store his or her books , records, and communications.” It’s basically a device used to store vast amounts of memory.If you want to find a book, all you have to do is type in a code. Very simple. Reading section [7] at the bottom was quite confusing because the memex seemed like it required a lot of steps in order to organize the user’s thoughts…research , adding notes, etc. I’m not so sure about the memex..what happens if it malfunctions or crashes? What if there is SOME type or error..what happens if information is faulty, or if a virus i injected into the memex. What if the corporation that designs Memex has a plan to somehow control us? I know it sounds silly, but I believe that technology is moving too fast..would there be classes required on how to use the memex? I think the device is risky because of the information that could potentially be lost. I also think that the design (the object itself) wouldn’t be very convenient to own..if you traveled and needed certain information that the memex contained, then it would be a hassle to take the desk with you.


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