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I found that the “World Web of Trolling” was extremely interesting. I actually thought that some of the reasoning coming from some of these so called “trolls” was quite disturbing, especially Weev.

This was probably the creepiest thing that he said in the article:

“We’re waiting,” Weev said. “We need someone to show us the way. The messiah.”


If I had a question for the class, I would ask them if they have seen/ have friends who are “online trolls”?

I think that the whole baseball bat/ pitcher analogy that Fourtney used is quite flawed. Obviously, the reporter wanted to make it clear that Fortuney was a troubled man because of his past experiences as a child. I actually think that the reporter is quite crazy to interview these people…some of them wanted to blindfold him and take them into their apartment. How can these people live with secret identities? I also think that the blog “Megan had it Coming” was very disrespectful…This article gave me a very bad impression of some of the online community (trolls). Quite interesting because I was unaware of this group of people.


“A memex is a device in which someone is able to store his or her books , records, and communications.” It’s basically a device used to store vast amounts of memory.If you want to find a book, all you have to do is type in a code. Very simple. Reading section [7] at the bottom was quite confusing because the memex seemed like it required a lot of steps in order to organize the user’s thoughts…research , adding notes, etc. I’m not so sure about the memex..what happens if it malfunctions or crashes? What if there is SOME type or error..what happens if information is faulty, or if a virus i injected into the memex. What if the corporation that designs Memex has a plan to somehow control us? I know it sounds silly, but I believe that technology is moving too fast..would there be classes required on how to use the memex? I think the device is risky because of the information that could potentially be lost. I also think that the design (the object itself) wouldn’t be very convenient to own..if you traveled and needed certain information that the memex contained, then it would be a hassle to take the desk with you.


website…rough draft..needs some tweeking

the link is a video that I made..I masked it…use the overlay tool in Final isn’t working for the website , but I transformed the image above into the video below for my entrance page..

Untitled from Alessandra Gomez on Vimeo.

Once I am able to get the video to operate the way I want…I want a white background still, even though I have a black…Anyways, I want the top to say “Work, artist statement, contact and bio” in black lettering..I cannot do that yet until I fix the video component. IT IS PIXELATED AND WON’T LOOP….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


The first image will be the entrance to the webpage…I want to add something so that I can connect the content inside the circle with the camera. When you go to my webpage, you will see yourself (like a mirror) because it will automatically connect to your camera.
I want to add a continuous roll of film in slow motion where the squares will play and roll off the page.

webpage test